Job Posting

Divercity Central is an online job board specializing in diversity recruiting and diversity hiring for Federal contractors and sub-contractors. Our focus is on connecting valuable, hard-working professionals with employers who need to hire top talent now. Divercity Central thrives on making connections - connecting employers with diverse talent, connecting talent with opportunity, and connecting hiring managers to a reporting solution that works for them.

We understand that reaching out to a diverse audience is the only way to fulfill your Equal Employment Opportunity programs and your hiring needs. Divercity Central is just the site for both EEO and hiring needs. Our experience in this niche industry, coupled with our commitment to matching job seekers to Federal contracting jobs just like yours allows us to offer our Members flexible, valuable job posting packages unlike any other in the market today!

Hiring? Let Everyone Know!

We offer a suite of comprehensive online recruiting tools designed to help recruiters and staffing professionals hire the best candidates easily and cost-effectively. Our rich and diverse talent bank ensure you meet the diversity recruitment needs critical to today's business planning. Our job board will not only help you find employees with a diverse background, but also making job posting fast and easy.

Divercity Central allows users to:

  • Easily create descriptive job postings
  • Simply edit & delete jobs
  • Track individual job delivery status, including confirmed delivery
  • Set-up automated email alerts when they approach their job posting quota
  • Group and manage favorite candidates

No matter where or when you are hiring, Divercity Central is the solution ensuring that your job postings will be in front of a large and diverse group of job seekers. Call us today to learn more!